The Counseling Center is committed to promoting the academic mission of Warner Pacific University, to prepare students to engage actively in a constantly changing world, by providing a variety of psychological supports that will increase retention and graduation by strengthening students’ ability to tolerate distress, form healthy relationships, and discover healthy expressions of their ideals and values. The Counseling Center also advances the university’s mission by providing educational programming and consultation to the students, faculty, and staff.


Our work is driven by care for the students we serve and a dedication to promoting connection and support among the WPU community.  We recognize that compassion and health for ourselves as staff promotes compassion for our students and our community.

Diversity and Respect

We respect the fundamental rights, dignity, and worth of our students including their rights to privacy, confidentiality, self-determination, autonomy, and connection. In our work, we are aware of cultural, individual, and role differences, including those of age, gender identity, race, ethnicity, national origin, citizenship status, religion, sexual orientation, disability, language, and socioeconomic status. We strive to identify and reduce the impact of our biases on our work. We work to challenge systemic discriminatory practices in our community.


We recognize, respect, and attend to the diverse strengths and challenges of our students and our counseling center staff and seek to minimize potential barriers to accessing counseling services and resources.


We strive to build and sustain a culture of trust, transparency, and healing in which every person, including students, staff, and faculty, are treated respectfully and ethically.


We learn from experience and seek new perspectives that proactively challenge our assumptions and traditions to meet the ever-evolving needs of our students, center, and university community.